YoniVerse Class Series @ Goddess Temple, Ashland OR


All classes held at the Goddess Temple of Ashland; Jackson Wellsprings, Ashland, OR. Facilitated by Priestess Camitza and Monica Rhea Everett

Class Overview & Schedule:

Class 1 (April 22nd, 5-7PM): 

The Yoni Muse: 

Art, Herstory, Anatomy, and Yoni Gazing.

Class 2(May 6, 4-7 PM):

Practical Magic:

A guide to loving menstruating through Blood Ritual and Sustainable and Yoni-Friendly bleeding technologies as alternatives to tampons and pads (Sea Sponges, DIY Cloth Pads, FreeBleeding, and more)!

Class 3 (May 13, 5-7 PM ):

Cycle Energetics:

Fertility Charting, Conscious Conception and Contraception, Archetypes and the 4 Phase Cycle

Class 4 & Ceremony (May 20th,  5-7 PM)

Esoteric YoniVerse:

Goddess Embodiment with Yoni Eggs, Conscious Orgasm, Sex Magic & Initiation.

Ceremony: 8-9:30 PM

Yoni Steam to Shamanic Drumming & Sound Healing

Detailed Class Descriptions:

Class 1: The Yoni Muse; Art, Herstory, and Yoni Gazing 

“the Vagina and the brain are essentially one network…the vagina mediates female confidence, creativity, and sense of transcendence”- Naomi Wolf in Vagina: A New Biography

We know the old saying “how we tend a fire is the way we live our lives. ” How we tend Vulvas and Vaginas, and how they are treated, is a reflection of how we treat women in this culture. We start the paradigm shift to one of respect and reverence by shifting how we relate to our own bodies first.

In this introduction to the YoniVerse, we start at the very  beginning: our own yonis. We will explore this often uncharted territory by beginning to develop a relationship with our own Vulva. To know and love this aspect of ourselves is an act of radical self love and activism.

Class outline:

-Her-story of Vulva art representations dating back 30,000 years

-Reclaiming language: ancient and modern terms for our sacred portals

-Brief anatomy lesson

-The practice of Yoni Gazing: Individual time with you, your yoni, and a Mirror

-Inspired by the YoniMuse; art creation time! Vulva-friendly natural pigments will be supplied in the tradition of red ochre, women, and art.  White sheets and paper will be provided for vulva stamp-making and other original representations that may be combined into a collective mandala. This container is an opportunity to share poetry, writing, and art from the depths of our wombs, vaginas, vulvas, and souls; a place for the dark feminine mysteries to be held, witnessed, and expressed.

“Speak from the Vulva. Speak the most Basic, Honest Truth.” -Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Author of Women Who Run with the Wolves and The Dangerous old Woman

Participants are asked to bring: a blanket, sheet, or towel to sit on; a sarong or wear a long flowy skirt; a flashlight or headlamp; and a water bottle.

**Due to the nature of nudity and preparation, the starred classes require signing up ahead of time. Please email sachamamacreations@gmail.com or call/text 816-225-0406 to register.

~Description of Classes 2-4 and the Yoni Steam Ceremony Coming Soon~

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