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About Us

The Oracle of Sachamama is a blog dedicated to the Goddess in all of us. As a sister-project to SachaMama Creations, this forum inspires to offer tools, guidance, prayers, rituals, stories, anthropological information of culture, and philosophical approaches to Modern Spiritual Topics for Women

. Like SachaMama Creations, The Oracle of Sachamama comprises the work of Many Wise Women, Priestesses, and Sisterhood Circles. We support the Re-Membering of our Divine Feminine through the eyes, hands, and wisdom of many sisters.

Together we stand, as the Women of Power that we a

re. Here we perform our rituals upon this Earth. Here we offer our Wisdom, as none is ours alone. May we join hands and walk towards the future 7 Generations in unity, strength, magic & love.

Who is SachaMama?

The term “SachaMama” comes from the Quechua language of Peru, and translates roughly into “Mother of the Bush” or “Wild Mother”, which some sources say refers to the Serpent Mother. Some areas of Per

u refer to the Serpent Mother as Yacumama. Throughout the world, the Serpent is commonly perceived as a symbol of Feminine Power & Healing , yet in light of many patriarchal religions, she is considered the downfall of mankind, a demonized symbol associated with the Feminine.

By devoting our work to Sachamama, the Serpent Mother, we offer ourselves to the organic Divine Nature of the Feminine. As Priestesses, this is our birth rite & honor.

Oracle Priestesses

Camitza Mahamaya Callahan

blood warriorJessica Simmons (Camitza) is the founder of SachaMama Creations, founding writer for the Oracle of Sachamama, Ordained Priestess with Global Goddess, and devotional Priestess with the Goddess Temple of Ashland, OR. Holding a BA in Medical Anthropology, she has traveled extensively to learn Indigenous Earth Consciousness & Shamanic connection to Nature. H

er life is dedicated to the service of the Divine Feminine through anthropological and experimental investigation/practice of ancestral technologies and rituals specific to the woman. She writes, hosts workshops, provides online consultations, and is ever-exploring the revival of Women’s Sexual practices. Her specialty subjects are Fertility Charting & Cycle Energetics, Yoni Consciousness & Healing Practices, Tantric Knowledge for Women, Tantric Practices & Sex Magic Infusions, Ceremonial Tools & Healing Knowledge, and Indigenous Philosophy. When she’s not at work co-creating Women’s Healing work, she is frequently traveling Mexico, Peru, and the United States, learning and participating in Ceremonial Knowledge, Indigenous Healing Techniques, and refining the multi-cultural approach to Women’s Wisdom. She finds great pleasure in Song, Sexual Expression, Artistry & Poetry, Dance, Herbal Wildcrafting & Medicine Making, Ritual Expression, and Being in Nat


Monica Rhea 

redtentmonicaMonica Rhea lives in devotion to authentic expression. Monica is passionate about remembering what it is to be a human animal living in right relationship with the Earth. Herpresence on The Oracle is to invoke you to do the same. She holds Red Tent spaces, Women’s Circles, Cacao Ceremonies, practices Sound Healing, and leads Embodiment practices to help us all re-enliven ancient wisdom as a path to evolving. Thus, Monica’s writing, singing, dancing, and drawing are offered as medicine to inform and inspire. She spends her life studying and playing in the realms of Blood, the Lunar Cycle, Tribal Relationship Paradigm, Sacred Sexuality, and Plant Medicine.

She is intimately involved with her own menstrual cycle, which she charts daily, and she empowers other women (and men) to delve into the Blood Mysteries. Monica has spent the past three years living nomadically in the United States and Latin America learning about sustainable living, healing, and shamanism. She attended the School of Forest Medicine in 2014, where she immersed herself in the age-old practice of listening to plants. She has studied and dances various forms, including Belly Dance, Butoh, Temple Dance, Contact Improv, and Ecstatic Dance. In Central America she co-created a Healing Caravan that held healing space at Transformational Music Festivals. Now she is patiently planting her roots in Western North Carolina, where she envisions a Food Forest and Radical Community to call home. Ecstasy, the Divine Mother, Wildness, Relationship, and incredible mentors are her guides. She offers her heart in service, gratitude, and humility.

Jules Hatch


Jules is an energy worker, holistic health practitioner, Hatha yoga instructor, and a medium for self-discovery. She provides service to assist people in living their highest potential. Jules holds a BA in Wilderness Psychology and has dedicated her life to re-wilding the feminine. She finds deep nourishment and joy in song & dance, herbal medicine making, permaculture, improv comedy, and channeling poetry. Jules has spent the last two years living in South and Central America; studying with various indigenous tribes, living sustainably, building permaculture farms, holding cacao ceremonies, and leading workshops around heart centered healing and goddess transformation. Her life’s work is deeply embedded in the merriment of the Devine Feminine with Mother Earth.

Anna Shaw

Anna lives her Life in intuitive devotion to her ever-unfolding spiral path. She finds most resonance with the Wise Woman tradition(s) of fostering health/wholeness/holiness. She began her spiritual quest with christianity merged with following the heart no matter what. She graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration from a very conservative private Christian university, which was a challenging environment for her to live in. After quite a few bumps and bruises, Anna came to understand that her sense of self and the Divine were shifting to encompass her whole chakra system, what she sees now as the heart of all colors. After a root-opening experience of release of a Spirit Life Child, Anna connected deeply to the Wise Woman within and her European indigenous ancestors. So began her interest in plant medicine, sacred dance/movement, plant as allies, sacred sexuality, blood mysteries, cultural anthropology, consciousness philosophy, and full-spectrum doula work. She explores indigenous cultural wisdom while standing by them and other oppressed groups in these times we are living in. Calling out where the collective is being asked to de-program is her speciality, while coming from a place of grace and forgiveness through Unity Consciousness. Anna lives nomadically while finding peace and ecstasy in commUnity. She repeatedly is flooded with gratitude for each part of her path, and hopes to awaken the Wise Woman within the collective. Find her on Instagram @annahatanow


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