Walking the Path of the Goddess in Concrete and City Lights

Street altar found; beauty, broken glass, and Divine Mother; on a corner in Redondo Beach,       Los Angeles, California, USA

And I wonder

how many are among us, sisters awakened to the ones before

Who, too, are Yoni Steaming

in the rain of night

night of rain

Who too

are inspired by the Moon

Yet tonight are adorned

with only light of Streetlamps and Candles

and despite

or inspite of

the sirens; concrete; light pollution

find herselves also


This is what the Goddess Rearising looks like

Humbling saying yes

to Priestess ways to the back drop of

Single Motherhood in Los Angeles

that so graciously welcomed this courageously broken heart in with open arms

May I remember that this too is the Path

and that this too is part of the Circle

I know other sisters find themselves

In the Rain of the Night

Wondering about me as well

The other women

The other women

Who are waking up

Who will live the walk of the Goddess

amidst toxic chemicals and shame

Who find themselves in Pleasure; Chanting the Names


Saying Yes

Yes, Yes, Yes

This is enough

To steam and sing and dance and pray in the City Lights and Know

To hold and cherish child with love unconditional

Yes Yes Yes

This Right Here

Is what It Is to walk this Path of Isis, of ancient ones told, untold, remembered now

Yes Yes Yes

This Right Here


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