Willow’s Way; The Middle Path

The forest is speaking; can you hear her call? The herbs are waiting to teach their songs to the humans who have chosen to remember how to listen… what do you hear? Everything around us is filled with life force, waiting to be honored, absorbed, and spread. When we work with plants, we are not only working with the chemical composition of their essential oils, but … Continue reading Willow’s Way; The Middle Path

Becoming Pachamama; Mother Earth

Life’s Cyclic Dance A river that rises and falls with the seasons vibrant, patterned, unending. Wings lift and release with each breath as the butterfly becomes the breath of the tree a bird soars overhead leaving behind him that which is in front remaining in the middle he is un-phased by the fallen leaf which feeds the tree and therefore builds his home in peace. … Continue reading Becoming Pachamama; Mother Earth

As Above, So Below… As Within, So Without…Healing Our Inner and Outer Landscapes

Everything in existence on the earth is an expression of the larger whole. All creatures on this planet are in a symbiotic relationship with one another. As humans, we have the responsibility to mimic this relationship with one another as well as with our environment. There are multiple dimensions of symbiotic relationships. This article weaves reflections and meditations on our inner worlds with that in … Continue reading As Above, So Below… As Within, So Without…Healing Our Inner and Outer Landscapes

A Journey Home; Back To The Heart

“Love is the process of leading you gently back to yourself.” This article stems from the heart, and is directed towards the heart. It is a journey of remembering and uncovering our True and Highest-Selves. Through heart centered meditations and practices, I have been able to build my life from this soul self with as much joy, fulfillment, and wellbeing as I wish. Our own … Continue reading A Journey Home; Back To The Heart