Birth of the Priestess

The Goddess is Calling,
And the blessed ones who hear her songs are called her “Priestesses”,
I am but such one a woman,
Divine One,
Prophetess of Words,
Song of the Sparrow,
Listener to the Grandfather Rocks.

With smokes and sacred words, I pour my love upon this Earth.
It is nothing to take lightly, and many things are missed.
As I turn my feet to the horizon, consciously, taking a different road.

Many things are left behind, many things go, sometimes being hard to let fall away. Yet we are the Priestesses of SachaMama, the Serpent Mother, mother of the bush, the Goddess of the Wild. And when We walk with Her, we walk into Destiny.

Yes, shedding of the skin, as she, can be filled with both tears and joy. For the world we knew exists no more with new eyes. Our skin sparkles like the sun, and here we have grown wings. The magic pours through hands, effortlessly, once we step upon the path.

And all of PachaMama’s children recognize that a human has now crossed. A human can now see, feel, know, and communicate with all of Creation. The rocks, and stars, and animals, and elementals celebrate the coming of another Priestess amongst them. And thus the walk to Heaven begins.

I’ve found myself at such a place, Earth Energy cracking my veins where once blood was my source of life. My heart now beats with the rhythm of the Moon, my skin bursts the light of a thousand stars. And Creation speaks through me, and to me.

I no longer know where it is that I am going, I no longer try to understand. It is Her Spirit that directs my footsteps, it is Her Will that guides my Hand. And I am Her, this is the key. I become the Divine one that was only sleeping inside of me.

When looking across my shoulder, I felt the heart ache of losing things that I cherished. Men, love, sexuality, especially. I looked for a long time, across that shoulder of mine, knowing that when I returned my gaze to the Goddess, I would have had to let go, it is a part of my promise.

I renounce the goal of life to be romantic love, I renounce my attachment to sexual expressions with brother men. I know that She will take care of me, and give me practices in these realms far beyond what I can understand. She has already begun….

As I reflect upon this time, it has been a long time coming. The regressions, the memories, the sex magic, the lunar synchronizing between my womb and Grandmother, the memories of the Queens & Priestesses I have been…..all patiently and sweetly luring me to this day…

When I was ready to take the steps and walk for this alone. I breathe deep, look back no more. I follow the light of Her shining face, to my highest potential, a Priestess to the Goddess as she exists within and without.

If Shiva shall come, it will be without doubt of my own. And I will not break my vow to this Goddess without being shown, that the answer to a prayer has arrived. I won’t falter my own path, for sake of past habits. At the point in path where I stand, Shiva has not arrived in full form, and I’ve become a prisoner to the small portions that I have been shown. In lovers, many as they have been, none have embodied in flesh what I know of Him.

And so I walk the path of the Goddess, singing the songs of the Holy Beings of this world and others. I make no excuses to the masses, and I trust wholly the Spirit that guides my feet.

With cleverness of the Seductive Fox, fluidity of the mighty Divine River, Songs of the Sister Sparrow, Passion of the Grandfather Fire, Strength of the Mother Earth, and all interwoven Directions, Geographies, Spirits, Archetypes, and Magical Beings…..I henceforth devote myself to the alchemical process of this Great Mystery.

Transmute me. Teach Me. Live through my Hands. Pour through my feet. Radiate YOUR CHANNEL, which is my very own Heart.

I will be faithful to you…..

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