A Song for Solomon

The star of the old ones hangs across your heart,
Curls dripping, waves spinning, I find myself remembering…
The star catching, flashing, reflecting sunlight,
My soul remembers you in the warm beach night.
You body beating, breathing, melting into mine,
Salty currents of star kissed air
and Jungle symphonies guide my breath.

I remember you, Love of Lovers & Song of Songs.

Scents of Roses & Medicines of the Rastas,
I come to a tent far from this time.
Your blonde curls melt into black,
candlelight kissing the perfect skin of your back.
The body of landscape, warrior hills,
Centuries of Lovers who melted into liberation because of you.

I remember your Temples,
I remember you,
Who, with poetry, swords & songs, ruled the world.

Love is your throne.
Your kingdom stretches,
Marked in the hearts of the lovers you liberated.
My face pulls from the locks of your kingdom,
Turning from black to blonde.
Orgasmic memories releasing on the sounds of the Oceans Breeze,
The lovers wind of the seas.

I remember you, Lover of Lovers & Song of Songs.

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