Feminism & Shamanism (pt. 2): Amazonian Feminism

A dear sister & Ayahuasquera (female practitioner of Ayahuasca), once told me that the reason she began hosting all women’s Ayahuasca ceremonies was because the medicine told her that there were certain things women could heal from only in the presence of other women:


issues surrounding childbirth

woman to woman competition

sexual trauma

sexual identity

The 4 day brewing process of La Abuela

Though these elements of woman may not feel applied to everyone at first glance, in my experience there is a profound resonance that I have found to have truth. In some way, every woman is connected to these ancestral wounds of the feminine.

These ancestral wounds are applicable to us all, in my belief, because they are collective & ancestral. In shamanism, if we believe in the collective consciousness (a oneness of all of nature), then we accept the responsibility in the connection to those collective sicknesses, offering ourselves as vessels for healing. Though you may not feel directly connected to the disease, maybe your mother was, maybe your sister, maybe an ancestor, dating back to the beginning of time.

Thus, in shamanism, these apply to us all, and Ayahuasca allows us to understand how & why, empowering us to release these stagnant energies for the healing of our collective & our planet.

Ayahuasca inspired art, by our Shipibo Curandero, Loyver Yui de Yarinacocha

It is commonly known throughout the Amazon that Ayahuasca is a Feminine Spirit. They commonly call her la Abuela (the Grandmother), and in the Shipibo tongue, they call her Nishi Cubvin. During this time of Divine Feminine Rising, the coming of Quetazquotl (the Masculine Eagle merging with the Feminine Serpent), I have seen a profound link to the present times of consciousness shifting, the Masculine & Feminine Energies of the planet recallabrating, and the rise of Ayahuasca Culture coming from the Amazon- both the Ayahuasca & the Selva (jungle) are considered feminine. I believe there is a profound teaching & connection with Feminism & Amazonian Shamanism.

In the thick jungle world of life & death coexisting, “invisible” spirit forces as thick as the brush itself, beings of all kinds, ancestors, jungle consciousness of the ancients opening a window to something our world as westerners could never fathom in our deepest imaginations, HERE is where I have found the true Goddess of the planet.

One of my first teachers with the Medicine, outside of Iquitos, Peru, once asked me where I saw my life going. We were chewing coca by candle light in the Maloka. I went on a tangent about my continuous studying of the medicinal herbs and sacred plants of the world (at the time I was a freshly graduated anthropologist dipping my toes into amazonian shamanism & ayahuasca). After I had finished, he looked at me & paused, then said “I actually see you doing women’s work. The statement, then, took me by surprise because I had never even considered it at that point. 5 years later, and a wealth of knowledge & practice with Divine Feminine work AND Shamanism, I finally understand what he saw.

Working with Tantra & working with Ayahuasca are not so different. They both require surrender to the present moment of the Mystery (a challenging but rewarding practice), the navigation of the infinite energy of Creation, and an unwavering devotion & focus for true mastery to take place.

Teachings from the Feminine Spirit of the Medicine

During my most recent dieta (the shamanic practice of creating a marriage with a singular plant maestra-master plant-through a  period of isolation) with the Black Vine (black Ayahuasca), the Spirit of Ayahuasca told me a few things:

1.) Sexuality & Medicine are not separate issues

They oftentimes are separated, by history, because of the profound power they both have. When there is such a profound collective & personal sickness in sexuality, then the energy of the medicine can be overpowered. However, if properly navigated in consciousness, their unification can result in some of the most potent healing energy on the planet.

Enter the Madre Selva, Respira (breathe) el aire de SachaWarmi (breathe the air of the wild woman)

I’m not saying that they should be physically combined, but this period of aversion in bringing the 2 subjects together has to come to an end. How can we grow in unison if there is division? And furthermore, what I have been discovering (to be shared in a later article) through my own personal journeying with the medicine has been shared with indigenous curanderos, who have shared with me some powerful pathways & resonances for what is being revealed.

2.) The fear of this power, and the lost knowledge of how to work with them, is why they have remained separate: a process largely reflected through patriarchy.

3.) The plants themselves are erotic beings & wish to make intimate contact with us, such is the purpose of dieta and a core embodiment of truly walking the shamanic path.

4.) Working with the Medicine can teach us how to navigate the awesome potential of our sexuality

The Ayahuasca medicine has taught me that All of creation is a sexual interaction between Shiva & Shakti. Nature Herself is giving us the opportunity to witness & learn.

Tantra teaches us the same philosophy: all of creation is an act of love between Shiva (spirit & consciousness) & Shakti (the physical matter that is filled with that consciousness). Reality cannot exist without their union. This core concept is found everywhere, even in the lingam and yoni anatomy.

And so, for the balance of the Masculine & Feminine to return to our planet, it is a collective awakening process that begins with us as individuals, our communities, and stretching to the collective. For the feminine rising, we accept responsibility for our own healing process, as part of an ancestral collective, and we move forwarding our sexual embodiment, which for me has been most facilitated through shamanic practice & wisdom.

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One thought on “Feminism & Shamanism (pt. 2): Amazonian Feminism

  1. Will you be present at the upcoming Novalis retreats? Your “Song Portal” demonstrates that in addition to being an accomplished Serpentine Priestess, you have a voice that can effortlessly weave between the worlds. To sit in ceremony, outside of our cultural context and follow that voice could be a dream come true.

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