Feminism & Shamanism (pt. 1): Gateway into a Personal Journey

My journey with Ayahuasca began slightly over 5 years ago but, looking back, it feels like a lifetime ago that that journey began.

It was an instantaneous re-connection to something ancient within myself, but familiar to the soul. Like many people in the modern New Age of Ayahuasca culture, my first time was in the states. But since then my journey has evolved into a path of devotion, taking me many times to Peru where I now live & serve as the Medicine Sector Director for a Peruvian Conservation Center known as Novalis in the Madre de Dios region of the Amazon.

My work there involves me coordinating medicine retreats (with Ayahuasca, dietas, and other sacred plant immersion work), working with the surrounding indigenous communities, and working with our core team to continue establishing our ecovillage (with treehouses), continuing our land protection efforts (in times of encroaching globalization), the on-going process of immersive learning with the Shipibo, and, for the purpose of this article, developing my practice of merging Feminism with Shamanism.

Mapacho (tobacco) prayers over the Ayahuasca before brewing her over the flame

“Sachamama” is a term stemming from Ayahuasca culture (Quechua for “wild mother”, oftentimes referring to Ayahuasca), and it was this culture that inspired the creation of this blog, and all of the Feminine Sexuality work that has birthed from my opening with Mother Ayahuasca.

It was through connecting to the Medicine that I came into deep understanding of my Life Devotion to the Awakening & Empowering of the Divine Feminine- manifesting in the path of Tantra, Yoni Consciousness (eggs, steams, flushes with plants, etc.), and Women’s Rituals (reproductive health & sexual awakening) & Sexual Magic for the awakening of the true potential of the Divine Feminine Within.

I took a break for a year, from the medicine, while living in Ashland, OR, where I directed my focus strictly to women’s work. Largely through the Goddess Temple of Ashland, self-promoted practice & consultation, & through a Women’s Collective House, I aspired to host practice, write for the Oracle of Sachamama, and offer my services without the presence of Ayahuasca in my life.

The toolkit for a private “curacion”, or healing, for a patient with Shipibo lineage

After a year, I realized that, for me, work with women’s sexuality & empowerment cannot reach it’s infinite potential without the Medicine. I am not saying that this is how it is for everyone, but for my own offering in this work, Ayahuasca is an essential element in the foundation, if not THE FOUNDATION.

There was a time when I aspired to present articles & practice in sexuality as separate from my walk with the medicine-somehow with the idea that they were separate. I kept hitting the same blockage point. But after 3 years since the creation of this blog, I am now aspiring to direct my writing & offerings in light of their truth/ Ayahuasca & Feminine Sexuality, Feminism & Shamanism.

I now offer Moon Lodge workshops during our Ayahuasca Retreats in the jungles of Peru-women’s circles, yoni steam rituals, yoni egg workshops, psychological concealing for infusing shamanism with sexuality, and a variety of reproductive health therapies. This work, with Feminine Empowerment, has shown to be of natural complementarity to the Shamanic practices of Amazonian culture with Ayahuasca.

Thus, this is the first article of many that have already been written, to begin offering through the Oracle of Sachamama, my shamanic process, specific teachings and tools not found anywhere outside of the Medicine Work & Shamanic life way, for the integration of shamanism & feminine embodiment. It is my intention to offer these deep jungle teachings in a way that can be accessible & applicable to women around the world.


To visit our Novalis website, review our calendar or take a digital tour of our center, click https://www.wearenovalis.com/


3 thoughts on “Feminism & Shamanism (pt. 1): Gateway into a Personal Journey

  1. So much love to you dear one! Thanks for walking your path and sharing your medicine in all the ways that you do. Will look forward to reading more.


    1. I love you so much, dear one! Thank you for all of the support that you always have such an abundance of! I look forward to hearing your tales over a warm fire & a cup of tea when I return to the North 🙂 Love, love, love, sweet soul sister!


      1. xxooo! and yes to tea and fire and tale-telling & listening to yours, too….maybe in the desert, though– I’m loving life in Joshua Tree now! I miss singing with you!


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