Vision Holders

The wave has finally come; the people are waking up… a farmer stands in his mass production field and for the first time, hears the voice of his crop, while a mother in the grocery store realizes that the farmers can’t do this alone. A father quits his job, finding the wealth in family over finance.. Coca Cola plants close as plant spirits cheer, knowing the planet will thrive on from here. The pipe lines become places of prayer, as the eagles glide makes more humans aware. Showers become less important, as people dance in the rain, we realize that we, the sun and the moon are part of the same game. Forest fires turn to inner flame.. as the life force returns again. No more predator and prey; but harmony and play… clear vision replaces smog, releasing the binds of mental fog. Opening to the understanding that were all one, returning to the source we all came from… song penetrates the gravitational core, a world blessed in energy exchange, of that I am sure. All breaths form as one; the universal light of the sun. Inhaling love and exhaling peace… quick! rise up before we become deceased. We hold this vision now, and in time it shall be released

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