Sacred Sexuality: Shedding the Skins of Shame


I send a wild call through the mountains and across rivers, to the wild sisters, the Priestesses of Sachamama, who in our birth rites received the powerful gifts of the Sexual Goddesses. We are they and they are we, and the shame-stricken lashings of the past no longer hold fast chains to our Sacred Holiness. And we strip ourselves of the Scarlet Letters that spell “harlot”, “provocative”, “witch”, “whore”. Labels created out of fear for the Sexual Goddess & Her Magic.

We silence the tongues of an age passed, where humanity forgot within itself that Creation within itself is the most Holy of Sexual acts: is a tree not the sexual creation of a seed planted in the Mother’s womb, fertilized by the Rain from the Father Sky? Life Force energy…for some of us this is a sacred sexual experience, and we hold fast to our truths in expressing the Magic that ensues when we embrace the Sexual Nature of the Mystery.

We are the Priestesses of Sachamama, the Daughters of Aphrodite, the Women who run with Wolves, the Sirens of the Celestial Oceans. For thousands of years, the brothels have remained the mimicked expressions of the Holy Temples of Isis, Temples of Delphi, Temples of Aphrodite, and the many other nameless fountains of the Goddess that  bountifully flowed with the Sexual Energy of Creation. 

The Sexual Goddess that resided in the woman was beaten down & dominated in fear of her power…the Temples turned to rubble in face of conquest. And as they fell, so did our inner Temples.

I was told to “pull my skirt down”, “stop flaunting your body”, “what will other people think of you?”, “don’t you know what signals you’re sending to the boys?”. Though this was the church, but the same subtle energy is present across our collective. Yet as we heal these woundings, we heal our own Sexual Goddess within us, we shed the Skins of Shame that were ours to hold for a time. Now we release them, empowered and uplifted, given as a sign of love and devotion to the organic sensual beings that we are.

I now find myself embracing my Sexuality, and all of it’s forms of worship. I embrace making love to the Divine in my practice and I embrace the embodiment of Divine Beings through my body as an offering of my sexual energy.

To me, Ayahuasca is a sexual experience, an offering of communion through sexual energy with a powerful plant spirit. To me, prayer is sensual, a poetic expression of love to the Universe. To me, my womb is a mirror of the Great Mother Earth, from which all Creation is birthed…and I honor it as so. To me, making love is the highest expression of soul connection that can exist in the physical body with another human being.

Monogamy, Polyamory, Celibacy, Hypersexuality, Bisexuality, Asexuality, Homosexuality, Serial Monogamy, Poly-Mono Relationships, Tribal Sexuality….there is no “right” way or “wrong” way to be. We may weave in and out of these perceptions, interchangeably, or follow none at all. But in my opinion, any form of sexuality practiced out of conditioned obligation is harmful to the soul, limiting to the expansive experience that sexuality can be, and is, in some way, a struggle that the vast majority of humans face.

I personally have begun to embrace my organic sexuality, embody my sexual being as the Goddess that I am, and I’ve begun pulling back that veil that I shielded Her for so long with, in fear of persecution from others. The Divine Feminine is Rising in all of us. The Kundalini is awakening in our Mother Earth, and it reflects in its awakening in us.

Sister Sirens, Priestesses, Dakinis & Wild Women, Worshipers of the Divine, Songstresses to the Most High….you know this message because you yourself have sung the sonnets of love to the Universe, and unto all Creation. We plant seeds on permaculture farms, we sing sacred songs, we dance in the rain, we make love, we take walks on beautiful days…and in it all is the Connection to Creation, the ultimate expression of Sensuality & Love Making.

Let us not be kept from the torches that are ours to hold. Those flames that burned dim for thousands of years now burn bright. The Mother Earth is Awakening, Her Spirit slithers up our Spines and connects us to the Father Sky through our Crowns…we are the Priestesses, Devadasis, Dakinis, Sexual Artists and Lovers unto the Divine. I stand my stance, look to the sky, exhale at Her energy flowing through my body…and I say a prayer of Gratitude for Remembering, in Strength to face the thousands of years of persecution, who I am: a Daughter of Mother Earth, Embodiment of the Divine Feminine, Priestess of Sachamama.

Amazing Graphic by Nuit Moore @ Scarlet Shakti

17 thoughts on “Sacred Sexuality: Shedding the Skins of Shame

    1. Dear Lotus Queen 🙂

      Thank you for your response of encouragement and support for these practices! It is a blessing to hear that they resonate with you enough to share them with your beautiful women-to-be!

      I have found, in my practice, that becoming sexually empowered through generating intimacy building with the self is the highest way to self fulfillment. For me, these practices attune me deeper to my womanhood. Practices like these are scarcely practiced or spoken about in our Western culture. However, it is my personal belief that if sexuality were addressed in an empowered way, especially for young women, that many of the cultural conditionings of ignorance, shame, and shunning of our organic beauty within sexuality would be eliminated for the future generations 🙂

      Thanks you so much, Sister! And blessings to you and your daughters!


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      1. Oh you are so very welcome Sistar. It’s so refreshing to see other women embracing what is not embraced in this Western culture in regards to being a wombman. I always felt the pull to embrace every aspect of being a woman, powerful and in tuned with my ebb and flow, my cycle, my connection to the moon. I love teaching and sharing this information with my daughters because I want them to grow up embracing their sexuality in a beautiful and divine way. I want them to be aware and without fear of their changes! I am thankful to connect with you and I love your articles…much love. Blessed Be!❤

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  1. Jessica, this resonates so much with me. Thanks for sharing! It’s heart warming to find like minded/ hearted sisters like yourself. I live in a very small remote town where I feel so isolated and alone on this aspect of my being. Connecting with others like yourself gives me such comfort.

    Love and gratitude Yolie

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    1. Dearest Yolie,

      It is a pleasure to meet you and to hear of your resonance with this article. To hear that it touches others empowers me to continue sharing. It is a vulnerable topic, sexuality. And though I am an empowered woman, I too have experienced the small town sort of community that doesn’t openly embrace the organic sexual beauty that is within all of us as human beings. Yet, as I hear from women like you, I see that these conflicts of organic sensuality and society are truly subjects that are close to heart for so many women.

      Through my exploration of my own organic sexuality, which has conflicted within many societal and community realms, I am coming to a place of total acceptance for the powerful and sensual goddess inside of me. This road of openness is truly a challenging one, as even in spiritual communities, the subtle projections of what sexuality should and should not be are often passed to us when we choose to embrace organic truths instead of conformity. I highly applaud you for standing in your truth through your exploration of self and offer my sisterhood to you as we break these chains and step into an illuminated, empowered place as women 🙂


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  2. We dance in the rain! Yes!! What beautiful words you have written while speaking of your own freedom in embodying your birthright also gives courage and in a very patriarchal society permission i feel is something i just now realized ive almost been waiting for permission while were told to be ourselves weve been told what thats supposed to look like and as we break free from our cages made by society its empowering to read pieces allowing us as individuals and the collective to continue rising up and shamelessly claiming our birthrights…Thank you…Venus trained Sexual goddess im claiming my birthright ive kept hidden in the dark depths of myself tried to tame hide shame from abuse the first years of this life but i am shedding my shame. Much love to you sister goddess!

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  3. Always great to see fellow humans embracing our beautiful loving mother. Shakti is truely wonderful and learning to set free that kundalini energy she has within all of us is one of the greatest journeys someone can take spiritually. It is great to embrace the mother in all of her many forms but to know the true her and state into the ever changing form that is her. Is to know the very universe and love itself. Good on you folks.

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  4. A letter.. preparing the universe for the return of truth and light and harmony that was lost, regained and an apology for allowing a religion of patriarchy to rape us of our essence selves in divinity. I am so in love with the beings we are and the setting free of fear shame and guilt ❤


  5. You embody the unafraid, unashamed beauty of emerging women. So good for this world! Thank you for your Good Work.


    1. You have no idea how much it means to me that you read this….and that you LIKED it. I’ll always be your Haily Bug, Aunt Shellie. Thanks for watching me, even from so far away 🙂 It means the world to me & I never would have expected it!


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