The Journey of Song: Opening the Throat Chakra

From the Hopi Creation Story to Vedic Mythology, it is said that the Universe, and the beginning of Mankind, came into Creation by “Song”. Humanity, since the beginning of time, has seen song as as a way of communicating sacred messages, stories, oral traditions, and tools for evoking Spirit: altered consciousness.

And We Remember in a time of Forgetting…

In our modern world, we have strayed so far from the ancestral understanding of what song truly is, and why we sing. Our modern music is, well, we all know what it is. The beauty has become scarce, the words reflective of conditioned ideas, and to “sing” is to have a certain, socially agreed upon, sound. We sing to please the tastes of other humans. And on top of it all, it is commonly projected that only CERTAIN people CAN sing. This notion is far from the depth that song held for our ancestors.

Turkish woman singing native chants and playing her drum.

This article is inspired by my own personal journey with song. As a Medicine Woman, practicing healer, teacher, but first and foremost, a Student & Servant to the Divine, my journey with song has shown me depths of communication with Spirit and of my inner world, to which I never knew before.


Above is a link to my first live studio recordings on Soundcloud. They are a mix of my own personal channeling with song, and a few songs passed to me by fellow medicine people and elders of Native tongue. They are gifts, and I am honored to be of service in sharing them.

We once sang to communicate sacred messages from generation to generation, to elemental forces, to spirits, and so forth.

For our ancestors, song was a fundamental tool for connecting with Nature, God…the Goddess. The vibrations of song were so highly refined and specialized, melodies as ancient as the tongues of man told stories, and peoples passed these special vibrations along the generations, resulting in a system of communication with Earth Energies and Spiritual Forces.

There is a reason that all ancient stories tell of the universe being “sung” into existence: all of our universe is merely vibration. Solid matter, trees, our heart beats, even our thoughts, all have vibration. When we learn this, and begin to see song as a mimic of Life’s forces, or ways of touching the vibration itself, creating ripples, we begin to see why it was such a crucial aspect of ancient culture…

At the Hanuman Temple, Sharing Song in the Garden.

I began my journey with song in the Ayahuasca lineage. Reflecting on my love for singing as a child, and suddenly my throat chakra closing at the projections of others in my early life, I came to the ceremonial ways of Ayahuasca song with a timidness that is felt by many. In one of my first ceremonies, enamored with the beautiful song that poured from others in the ceremony, I felt that I had no songs. I was intimidated. For it is our very nature as humans to contribute song to the Divine, yet I sat there knowing none as I heard the voices and melodies of others around me. Or so I thought….

At that moment, the Grandmother herself voiced to me:

“These are the songs of others. It is not your time yet. You have a long journey with me and it begins with your own song. Do not sing the songs of others, learn to sing your own first”.

I get chills at remembering this sacred message to this day.

At that time I began to intuitively connect with my own voice. It was shaky at first, awkward, as my throat chakra had been closed early upon teasing of others, and I simply stopped. But as a child I loved to sing, as I bet many of you did…

My instruction at this time was simple: sing what comes, words do not matter. And so I did. I began singing to pitches, tones, and frequencies that I felt in my body, or in the surrounding nature, in the spirits that surrounded me, and slowly, over the year that I begun practicing, found myself creating a web of harmony between myself and the forces of Nature and Spirit.

Drum Workshop. My drum has been an incredible ally and teacher in my journey with song. I made my first drum with my Pueblo Teacher & Uncle some years ago. I then began teaching others to make their own drums in the Pueblo tradition. This day we made 7 drums.

I began timidly at first to sing in the presence of others. As time went on, I gained more and more confidence in my own expression and therefore sang more in front of others. I sang songs from indigenous tongues, and songs in medicine communities, that I had heard, but most importantly was the song that came from my heart: the song of no known language, no preconceived melody, only a channel of what came through in that moment.

Once, in a sauna in Colorado, I was asked by a man “How long did you spend on the Navajo Reservation?”. I had brought my drum into the sauna (which I had found was a delight to others and a joy for me to offer) and had simply gone into a channeling song state. I was confused and told him that I didn’t know the language of the Navajo. He, quite shocked, told me “You were just singing in Navajo. I know. I spent 20 years on the reservation with an Indigenous Environmental Protection group.”

Singing & Drumming on Mt. Shasta during a Rape’ Ceremony

This wasn’t the only time I’ve been told I was singing in a language that I myself was not aware of. I often times wonder if what is coming through my channel is indeed other languages, other stories, other frequencies of the ancestral tongues once used to invoke the Divine & Ceremonial Ways.

What I have learned is this: Our song is as unique as our own beings. We all have a song to share, a song of our heart. It has no language, only Spirit.

A dear friend, and Matsigenka medicine man once told me “Words are not important in song. A lot of western people have songs, songs they knew before. And those songs carry so much energy. We people here, we don’t know songs. We sing to what is here, what is now.”

I am a woman who has chosen the spiritual path as a guiding path in my life. I hold ceremony for myself and for others, for my brothers and for my Mother. I offer my service to those who are in a space of seeking themselves. And in this, song has been a huge contribution to my understanding of working with energy.

I now speak to women, as I am a woman and my work is primarily with women:

We women in the west have a special task with opening our throat chakras…

As decedents of the Pagan “witches”, we have undergone a great deal of threat and harm in our throat chakras. Women of power were scorned for our wise words that were mysterious during the Inquisition, we were burned for it. Our spells became feared and we were persecuted for speaking our truths and singing our songs. We have undergone centuries of suppression in our throat chakras, and we are now in a time of the reemergence and healing of the Divine Feminine.

WOMEN SING YOUR SONGS AND LET THEM BE HEARD. Explore your voice, your invocations, and let them ring throughout Nature in the ways that the Old Ones did. We can relearn and we can remember ourselves through song.

And so I close here, inviting others to explore the vast infinite of their individual channels with song. It is the way of the Old Ones, it is mentioned in every lineage that I have come across in my travels and teachings, and it is a way of reconnecting with the Organic Nature of our Humaness as it coexists, communicates, and interacts with the Divine.

As we open ourselves, so the world becomes open.

One thought on “The Journey of Song: Opening the Throat Chakra

  1. Aloha Jessica,
    I am profoundly touched by your post “The Journey of Song: Opening the Throat Chakra.” I am a singer-songwriter in my wisdom years and I have “caught songs” for many years. On 11-11-16, I woke in the middle of the night with this message; SongCatcher, you can reframe the boundaries defining where you roam, SongCatcher, you can reclaim the sound of your sacred self and sing her home.” As I pondered the words, I heard the rest of the story, the one about nature and the Universe and singing to and from Creation- “SongCatcher, reach beyond the star and fill in all the open bars with flowing endless melodies from hidden caves and mountain streams, from ocean swells and ancient trees, find orchestras and symphonies.” Your writing has helped me understand that I am one of the Old Ones, and that I, too must serve women to remember their sacred selves and sing them home. Profoundly grateful, Bentley Kalaway


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