A Poem for the Wild Women

I am a Wild Woman,

I make no excuses for the ways in which my perfection expresses itself.

While others may gaze upon a field and admire it’s beauty,

I dance in that field because I am it’s beauty.

I am the Priestess,

Through smokes, dance, and poetry, I make love to the Infinite.

I make no apologies for my worship of all elements in the Mystery,

I do not hide in the face of the masses that wish to take that mystery away from me.

I am the Dakini,

I will make love to God, Spirit, and Flesh and Rose.

Though they have called us whores, Sister Mary, we know our truth,

And that truth shines the path to enlightenment, brighter than a thousand suns.

I am the the Shamaness,

I consult and commune with trees, ancestors, stones, rivers & spirits,

Listen to the sound of my song as it carries through the forest,

I will not stop singing my songs, even when they are deemed heresy.

I am the Mother,

I give birth in all moments, labor for the birthing of Spirit & Creation,

From my womb pours the nectar of life that ripples into all things,

And I will not birth in silence, despite their hushing fingers.

I am Lilith,

The Dark Moon shadows my sensual dance upon this Earth,

Serpents twining and Mushrooms sporing,

As I, the first woman, will not be held back from the fruits of knowledge,

And I will not lay on my back in submission to Man.

I am Woman,

I call forth my sisters as we rise to meet this time,

No more will we be shamed for our bare breasts and wild dances,

We will pour our magic upon this great Earth,

And cleanse the blackness that they deemed the “holy truth”.

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