Day & Night of Love’s Song

Darkness fades into the spectrum of where the sun once did shine,
Clouds gathering, light fading, a switch out of the Divine.
Lightening crashes between the stillness in sky, heaven, and earth,
And in this moment, here am I, awaiting my rebirth.

It is the ticking-tocking of a heart left to face the night,
This in between state of waiting once again, to come into the light.
And by morrow I shall have died my death,
The sun will come again and my trials put to rest.

For it’s in the sun where flowers bloom on the meadow of my heart,
I taste the wind, feel the breeze, and in light create my art,
The art of loving something so deep inside,
That it burst through me until, in the whole world it now resides.

It matters not whose body I find myself tossing round in the field,
As quickly as one body comes, it seemingly is ready to yield,
To paths of earth and denoted ways and fixated minds,
Upon that which I never agree, never love, never give my time.

In sparrows flight, I take my span upon the clouds,
Fly from this ugly place, upon your twisted face, of what is here and now.
Swooning into sunlight, I see you from winds rushing waves,
You look just like the others, like so many sun lit days.

Pull the thistles from my heart, thorns of roses that once were ours,
Leaving me space to contemplate what it is that I truly desire,
For night is coming and the thunder once more,
It’s time to die again, alone in the darkness of the Moore.

A Goddess dies, and then is reborn,
Planted in the soil of that which was once forlorn.
Forlorn to have left your side in midst of passionate rain,
An exploration of the Mystery, and it’s memory is all that remains.

A line cannot describe the love that has also died,
And it isn’t wanted, isn’t cared for, and I will not be the one who tried,
To hold back the night and prolong the day,
I will not attempt to make what cannot stay stay.

For in the night I will die again, in the thunder and black,
And upon Twilight’s gleam, I will have come back,
To the sun in which light’s my heart’s vibrant landscape,
And awaiting will be another to take what was once your place.

And as the Earth herself does not attach herself to the seed,
I learn to release attachment to what will go, without need,
To follow threads of what will inevitably be,
Life & Love comes and goes, and so the cycle shall be.

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