Return of the Serpent & of Eden

We have been called “witches”, “sorceresses”, and the patriarchal lines would say that we were the downfall of man (i.e. the story of the garden of Eden). The global consciousness surrounding women, our roles as diviners, sages, and wisdom keepers, has been misconstrued for thousands of years in developing civilization. Yet we have reached a time when Truth is becoming revealed, and Balance is becoming restored between the Masculine & the Feminine.

In light of patriarchal sicknesses (not so say that the Masculine is “sick”, it is Divine, but it’s expressions of war, rape, linearity, conquest, and so forth are unhealthy expressions, even if they were deemed necessary for their time: see further passage), the Feminine essence of Creation and Life has fallen to shadow in light of these forces, as well as the Shadows of Her own (passiveness, victimization, & aversion).

However, we are in a time of Divine Balance returning to our state of consciousness as human beings. We now recognize that the forces of environmental degradation, human struggle & strife, and the state of our entire reality, is reflective of our inner consciousness as a collective human entity. This includes the self, as it is a part of the wholeness of Creation.

Egyptian Goddesses Isis (Cobra) & Serapis: Depicted as Sacred Serpents. In this form, they are considered the protectors of Alexandria.

There is much mystery surrounding the role of Women in the Divine Balance of this reality. Symbolically speaking, we may learn to see past the veils of conditioned thought by reaching into the depths of our own Femininity.

There is no irony to the symbol of the Serpent as being a Divine Being in Earth-based indigenous cultures. To name a few, Ayahuasca (the vine medicine of the Amazon) is seen to be a Feminine power, revealed at times at the Boa or Great Serpent. Likewise, the Nahua peoples of descended Mayans have the symbol of Snake Woman, a Feminine presence of healing and Creation. Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent of Aztec origin, is said to have risen in this time, reflecting a shift in consciousness. The Beauty Way, in North Indigenous lines, represents the path “closest to Mother Earth”, also symbolically represented by the Serpent. Countless indigenous American peoples (Holding the Root & Sacral Chakra of the Earth) view the snake as a symbol largely associated with the Feminine and of Power, be it healing, protection, or divination.

For further cultural exploration of the Serpent symbolism, click here.

Shipibo Ayahuasca Tapestry: The Vase representing the Amazonian Medicine, The Serpents that of the Grandmother Spirit of Ayahuasca

Is it ironic then that the patriarchal religions associate Eve, the first woman, with the Snake in their mythologies? That before Eve, all was perfect and her relationship to the Serpent (Satan himself), eating from the tree of knowledge, forever damned mankind? These are the dominating religious ideas that have silently governed the evolution of Western society as we know it. These views have penetrated humanities view of women since their birth: Woman is at fault for the destruction of paradise, woman (and her sensuality) is to be subdued, least destruction re-invent itself. Thus is the modality of justification for the rape, pillage, attempted suppression, and disregard for the Feminine.

Yet we are not victims, rest assured. We were never suppressed. To be suppressed would imply that the Cosmic Mother was dominated, and, to be clear, the Feminine Spirit of this Cosmic Plane is the sole Entity of Creation, Life, and Prosperity. To be suppressed would mean that she had failed, and if this were so, we would have ceased to exist.

A wise teacher once told me “Humanity would not have gone through such darkness, such ignorance and unconsciousness, if it were not for the purpose of rebirthing itself. We are seeing these times in our lifetimes”. I see this to be true, and I see this reflected in the shifting in balance between the Masculine and the Feminine.

This process can be charged, and we, as women, assume active roles through recognizing our Divinity and transcending the elements of conditioning that would have us believe we are anything but Divine. This process of conditioning began thousands of years ago, and many aspects are embedded into our consciousness, even our DNA. But, in this time of shifting, even our DNA is re-inventing itself.

Cosmic Serpent
Cosmic Serpent: Book by Jeremy Narby

There was a time, according to scarce archeological evidence, that the continent of Europe (the ancestral grounds of modern Western persons) was governed by Goddess worshipping, nomadic peoples. Matriarchy was the governence of familial and community bands. These traditions birthed the shamanic lineages of Old Europe, known most widely as the Pagans, Druids, Celtics, and Mesopotamian peoples (as they merged with existing Egyptian lines). In time, these Matriarchal Shamanic lineages laid foundations in the first great civilizations of Old Europe, including the Minoans whom birthed the Greeks. Yet, numerous sources would suggest that these lineages all simultaneously succumbed to invading patriarchal nations from the Middle East, the most prominent being Hebrew.

Shonagh Home, speaks extensively on the female-shamanic lineages and their places in these societies as we see them in history as the Priestesses of Delphi, the traveling bards of all-women healers & diviners, etc. You may find her talks here.

I am inspired to speak briefly about this history.

Isis, the Female Godhead of Ancient Egypt, was said to have a cult of followers, Priestesses in the Cult of Isis. These women were have said to practice various forms of divination, tantra, shamanic visioning, and sex magic. Among these Initiates of the Priesthood was the most famous follower, that of Mary Magdalen. By the Christian view, she was a whore, marked by the Golden Serpent band on her arm when meeting Jesus Christ (Yeshua) at the well for the first time. Yet, according to many, she was his lover, prepared for him by the Priesthood of Isis to charge his Ka (energetic body) to prepare him for is Initiation through Death. According to one source, Jesus’ mother, Mary was trained as an Isis Incarnate (A high member of the priesthood, pure of soul, trained to incarnate the Cosmic Mother, Isis during her life). It was through this Divine Incarnation that Mary was able to conceive immaculately her son.

The Feminine, in all of it’s Divinity and Creation, is immersed in sensuality, motherhood, and procreation of life. Creation itself embodies these elements. Is it any wonder that sexual behavior has been considered “sinful”? According to the cult of Isis (and other lineages), the sex magic performed (even between Mary Magdalen and Yeshua) was intended on raising the energetic potential of each Initiate. Thus, when we consciously partake in sensuality, as Feminine, we raise the vibratory fields of human beings.

Kundalini Serpent Pathways

Many of these sexual practices (or magic), as seen in Kundalini Yoga, the Sex Magic of Isis, and Secrets in the Tao, all involve the rising of the Serpent from the Root Chakra (at the base of the spine) to the Crown or 3rd Eye Chakras in the head and above the head. To me, it seems that these symbolisms are too identical to bypass as coinsidence. The Serpent was cross-culturally identified, as well, as a symbol of healing. We even see this in the symbol of the Caduceus (the intertwined serpents) in our Modern Western symbols. And, in shamanic healing lineages of the Americas, the Serpent is omnipresent as a symbol of healing, largely associated with the Feminine.

 It would seem, to me, that many ancient, well-developed, civilizations (also advanced in shamanic arts and divination of reality) at some point found that the keys to unlocking higher consciousness involved the Serpent, and oftentimes involved Sexual Magic, which the Woman is, by nature, the intuitive key-holder. 

We can see that this information has been kept, with good reason, by those forces wishing to control humanity and Her children. For, if the Divine Feminine were to fully surface in Her Siddhi, time would cease to be linear, directionality in human and Earth events would cease to have linearity, have hierarchical agenda, and the powers that be would cease to have control. If all humans recognize their Divinity, if all recognize their ability to shift reality with high vibratory consciousness, there would be no structure in which to harness the life power of humans or this planet. With linearity (the Masculine), there is the prospect for predictability and control, with circularity (the Feminine), reality is much more difficult, if not impossible, to predict and therefore control. However, BOTH Masculine and Feminine Energy have been out of Balance for centuries if not millenia.

To be clear, the Masculine does not reflect evil, nor does the Feminine represent good. Nor does the Feminine only apply to anatomically female human beings and the Masculine only apply to anatomically male human beings. These are rigidly dualistic terms.

Both the Masculine and the Feminine have their Shadow States and their Siddhis, and both exist in every human being, as well as every facet of Nature. It is the form of expression that governs the Balance in humanity and the Earth. Feminine imbalance (or Shadow) can be seen, as we have for thousands of years, in passiveness, victimization, and aversion. The Masculine imbalance (Shadow) can be seen, as we have for thousands of years, in domination, bullying, and projection. However, this article is intended mainly for Women in this day and age, and thus the extensive topics of the Balance are channeled to a specific intention to Women.

It is my belief that both the Masculine and the Feminine energetics of this Earth, of this reality, alternate with one another. Just as the Sun Serpent and the Moon Serpent interweave along the spine in Isis Kundalini practices. Both are omnipresent, according to what the times are calling for. Yet, it is in our own humanity that we may see deeper into the true essence being expressed. Thus, Balance is returning.

shakti shiva
Shiva & Shakti: Siddhi Level of Divine Masculine & Feminine Balance

At this time, according to many (including my own experience), we are seeing a rising in our vibratory fields. The disconnection between forces are becoming less and less, and we are reaching states of realization and awareness that have not been expressed for thousands of years, if ever. In this, because I am a woman, I have experienced enlightened realization of the dynamics in my energy field, in my genetic and soul lineages, and the shift has produced a sense of understanding in the forces that are rising within me: the Cosmic Mother wishes to come forth, in all of her Love, Compassion, and Magic. And I have experienced this through the rising of the Serpent.

The Serpent is omnipresent in the American Indigenous lineages, those lineages representing the Root & Sacral Chakra of the Earth. Upon conquest in the Americas, the Friars observed these symbols and translated them in a similar fashion as was done with the Matriarchal Shamanic lineages of Indo-European origin. Shamanic practices, Feminine Power, and the Diviniation was once again labeled “witch craft” and persecuted by the Inquisition. Centuries later, we see this reflected in shamanic arts being labeled as “brujeria” (the Spanish term for witchcraft) by surviving generations of indigenous peoples. Witchcraft, as stated previously, stemming from a term used to address opposition to patriarchal lineages and their agenda.

The conquest, therefore (beginning in the Old World and spreading to the New), was to irradicate these powerful, enlightening tools, to create a uniformed society of belief system that is easily harnessed and controlled by power structures.

Aztec Serpent Moon Goddess
Aztec Serpent Moon Goddess (Coyolxauhqui). Other Aztec Serpent Symbols include: Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent), Xiuhcoatl (Fire Serpent), Mixcoatl (Cloud Serpent), and Coatlicue (She with Serpent Skirt).

And now we are here in the present era. We are here, as women, collectively awakening to the powers of our own intuition and convergence with Divine Intelligence. Witchcraft is not smoke, mirrors, and hocus pocus, though these may be part of it. Witchcraft or, to redefine, Intuitive Awakening and Convergence, is the unbound energetic bodies ability to cut the veil of illusion that governs perceived reality, peering into the infinity potential of healing and divination with Nature through the self. The action, of self-freedom of systematic thinking, coupled with action to raise vibratory awareness, would then be called “witchcraft” by those forces seeking to limit this energetic expression. Furthermore, “witch craft”, as defined here, holds no cultural bounds. All ancestral peoples developed ways of interacting with the larger spectrum of Cosmic Energy, and each have a different name for doing so.

These Shamanic Arts are in no way limited to a special class of human beings, we have all always had the ability to tap into the limitless Mystery in which we inhabit and co-exist with. What I see in this day is the rising awareness amongst women, intuitively and sometimes unconsciously releasing the shackles of conditioned reality and societal expectation of thought and being. It is a time of Celebration, for Lilith (the first woman) is rising from her slumber within our souls.

By embracing our organic sensuality, and it’s expressions, we are embracing a key part of the Feminine that is expressed through all of Creation. By tapping into the depths of our intuition, and following that path, we are both breaking the shackles of conditioning and simultaneously rising our Kundalini, our Serpent Energy towards the path of enlightenment and healing. By accepting our responsibility as Divine Creators in reality, we shift the consciousness of humanity towards the enlightened states in which we were meant to embody. THIS is the essence of Serpent symbolism, and the practices therein, found universally in our Ancestral Human Culture.

No, the Divine Feminine has not been suppressed by the Divine Masculine, or any other force. The united Spirit of Creation, the Cosmic Mother, has only been in slumber, waiting for this time to emerge. She may not be aligned with actions of Man, but she is still their Mother. She has never been suppressed, for to be suppressed would imply that she was not in control of her own Entity. For whatever reason, a time of darkness fell upon this reality. Yet now, in this time, as women of Sacred and Shamanic right, we are the bringers of healing to our Mother’s children.

As the Serpent Rises within our very energetic and physical bodies, the Crown of enlightenment opens us to the entire Creative Potential in the Universe.



My path has been devotional to the forces that call upon me. My history is not important, but the practices in which I have learned are coming forth, wishing to be known. I have seen in my visions and in my channel, the art forms of Isis, the Priestesses of Delphi, the Divination of the ancient Mesoamerican lineages, the Spirits of the Amazonian Feminine through Medicine, and through it all felt the rising of the Feminine for here, for now, for this time. And I have found the means to do the research in the dense material reality (i.e. literature) to confirm what I have been handed for my own self-healing.

The upcoming articles, for those interested, are in regards to personal practice for raising the vibration of your own Ka, your energy body. These articles are for those wishing to explore the shamanic arts of the self, the Divine Feminine.

Cleansing rites and Sweeping rituals offer a chance to clear the field of what is not ours, but has been placed upon us by the vast body of historical events. Keeping an alter, upon which sit the archetypes, elements, geographies, and beings in which you are being called to harmonize with, births a modality of symbolic communication. Tuning into the natural, 4-phase, cycle of your monthly being, is a way of connecting to the Cycles of Nature, those inner landscapes and the outer landscapes. Ceremonial practices with plant medicines, cleansing and purification rituals, and divinatory rituals allow for sacred sight to emerge, seeing into the depths of our Maternal history and where those chords are being woven in this lifetime. Herbal preparations for the body, knowing ones own constitution, and those herbs that enhance, purify, dispel, bring forth, and connect us, raise us to desired energy capacity for optimal energy.







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