Cycle Energetics (Part 2): The Mother

Moon Dial 2

Phase 2: The Mother 


 Color: White

Animal: Turtle

Element: Water

Season: Summer

Direction: North?

Life Cycle: Mature, Mother

Tree Medicine Cycle: Fruiting to Dropping Seed

Energy: Nurturing, Creative, Compassionate, Passive yet Strong, Blissful and Alive, Dreamy yet highly Attuned, Intuitive with Self & Others, Peaceful & Peace-Maker, Content in Abundance, Loving & Affectionate, Alive & Bright, Present in both the Inner & Outer Worlds simultaneously, Extroverted yet Reserved. 

The Mother Phase is the 2nd phase in the monthly cycle, marking our ovulation and fertility. The Mother phase is a beautiful time of creative wonder, a spirited time of feeling one with the Divine Mother. This time is a magical blessing when the Life Giving energies of the Female are fully alive in splendor, embracing the oneness with the Mother in all things. Compassion, creative expression, nurturing of self & others, bliss, and absolute Grace are all elements of ourselves that we feel interwoven in the reality of all around us. It is a time of profound strength through passiveness, in contrast to the Youthful strength through assertiveness, where we fall into complete trust of our wombs and the Universal womb that we share with the Divine Mother.

Often, this time is accompanied with a state of ecstasy, which can be channeled as time unfolds and practice develops. We are women, and one of the highest functions of our energies is to Create Life, whether this be in the physical form of bringing human souls into this universe, or it be to manifest Divine Grace & Beauty to flow from our consciousness into the immediate realities of those touching our threads of life. A woman’s power as Life Giver, or Creator, is a profound blessing, and to embrace this time in consciousness is to open ourselves up to birthing whatever Cosmic Energy wishes to gift itself to our universe.

The Zuni consider the Turtle to be a symbol of fertility, and I have chosen this animal as my totem animal to mark this time in my cycle. Frog, Deer and Rabbit are also forms of Animal Medicine commonly associated with Fertility and/or Femininity. The element of Water, Mama Cocha, the Water Goddess, is symbolic of the flow of energy present at this time. As in the Rivers, Oceans, Rain, and Womb, water is the nurturing element of life.

I have heard a Lakota story of Creation where, in the beginning of time, the Rock, of masculine form, desired a mate and thus the Creator created Water, the female counterpart to his form. Thus, for me, water symbolizes my elemental association with the phase of Divine Feminine Creation. When the Rains come, it is Father Sun fertilizing our Mother Earth. Our very blood is of water and we were nurtured into Life in the Womb of Water. And for me, this fitting symbolic association fits the energy that I feel flowing through me during this time: Creation, Nurturing, Motherhood.


During this time, which may be related to Summer on our Seasonal cycle, it is a time of conception and gestation. We conceptualize ourselves in total wholeness to our world and from this Divine Union, we gestate our gifts and unique presence to be a vessel for birthing universal energy, unique to our vessels, for our world. As Summer is the time of gestation for Nature, so this time is our gestation of Divine Energy.

To channel this energy, fully and consciously embodying the Divine Mother, it is wise to  to do so through complimentary practices: rituals, yoga practices, meditations, individual to what resonates most with you. Yin yoga is a very complimentary incorporation to this channeling process.

Quite, yet creative expressions of nurture are also helpful: painting and artful expression, planting seeds, caring for the Earth through various Giving Rituals, tilling soil, Nature Meditations, honoring your maternal bloodline through Matriarchal Prayer rituals (keeping photos of our maternal lines on the alter), and many other nurturing activities, where we nurture ourselves and the Earth, as well as others, are ideal ways to fully embody this time in our cycles.

Also, rituals that give thanks to our fertility, such as Goddess Ceremonies, holding prayer over our seeds to plant in the Earth, and Despachos (Q’ero rituals of giving gifts to Pachamama, the Mother Earth) are also ideal. A routine practice of nurturing activities will help us become fully aware of our unique experience as individual women in fertility, how we channel our energy, and the most suitable ways to radiate our experience to the universe. By ritually communing with the Forces of Nature responsible for Life, we come into deeper understanding of our own communication lines and the power within.

Anean Despacho
An Andean Despacho (Ceremony & Gift to Pachamama)

Maya Tiwari, an Ayurvedic Practitioner specializing in Female Healing Arts, writes about Vedic practices, prayers, mudras, yoga poses, Dietary & Herbal suggestions for fully channeling this time in her book The Path of Practice: A Woman’s Book of Ayurvedic Healing.

We may notice an increased nurturing quality within ourselves when it comes to those around us, and ourselves. We feel what is most needed from our beings and, because of our Divine Energy channeling, we have the abundance to do so. Yet, as compassionate creatures, we may relate easily to the experiences of others. We may find ourselves more intuitive to emotional situations without becoming emotionally involved ourselves. Unlike the Shamanic Woman or Death in Bleeding, we are not focused completely inward, yet unlike the Warrior Maiden, we are not completely occupied with the external. This phase is a medium of experience interwoven with the realities of others in ourselves.

The Mother phase is the time of ovulation, the only time (if the cycle is steady, consistent, and routine) when conception is possible, but also includes a 72 hour period before and after the indication of “fertile nectar” readings are visible. The 72 hours that I refer to is the time when there are no vaginal nectar fluids indicative of ovulation occurring, yet because sperm can live for up to 72 hours in the vaginal canal, it is best to keep track of your cycle to mark this important time. It is best to refrain from intaking sperm during the 72 hours, as well as during the ovulation phase. When a woman has a steady routine with herself, she knows when she will ovulate and can prepare to stop the sexual activity before her Mother cycle is actually initiated. There are also practices of Tantric origin where it is possible for the man to release no sperm during orgasm, a subject too broad for the scope of this article, but just putting this out there.

Moon Chart2
See Mother Section of the Chart

The physical markers of this time are that of milky and/or clear and sticky, abundant vaginal nectar first thing in the morning. I always say “first thing in the morning” because the body has not undergone any activities that may manipulate the flow (for example, when a woman becomes truly sexually aroused, she always produces nectar, biologically helpful for preparing the canal for sexual intercourse, yet she does this regardless of her cycle phase). The temperature of the woman will generally stay a few degrees higher than in any of her other cycle phases, she may notice that she is hot. The breasts as well become enlarged, swollen, and supple. This has been said to be a sign for marking fertility, a sign recognizable, evolutionarily speaking, by our male counterparts. Is it any wonder why cultures universally, generally speaking, associate swollen enlarged breasts with attractiveness? This is one of the few visible signs of fertility enhancing times.

I have also heard, from one of my sources, that the when the lunar phase of the full moon is aligned with a woman’s Mother phase, or ovulation, that this is the most ideal time to conceive. Usually, a woman’s cycle is aligned in a way to where she is ovulating on either the New Moon or on the Full Moon, meaning that her Bleeding phase will occur on the opposite moon. This source told me that if a woman conceives during New Moon ovulation, that the pregnancy will be shrouded in mystery, the darkness. It is likely that the baby may have shamanic qualities due to such a pregnancy, as much of the pregnancy will remain mysterious and unpredictable. Likewise, if a woman conceives during Full Moon Ovulation, the light of the Full Moon will fill the pregnancy with illumination and it is likely that the experience will be one without many mysteries or secrets, a much more navigable journey as my source tells me.

Thus, the Mother phase generally encompasses the vast universal energy of the Divine Mother, where we ourselves channel the Divine Nurturing for ourselves, our bodies as temples, and our Creative Roles as Women in our Universe. The White color of purity, the Hindu goddess of Saraswati (or a variety of other Mother Goddesses, it is a great practice to find one that you personally resonate with), the soothing element of water (keeping a vile from a source sacred to you, for example a vile of water from the lake closest to where you were born), are all helpful energies to place on our alter to help you connect to the Divine Mother within you. As we sit at our alters, light our candles, and call in the energies of the Divine Mother, already flowing through us, we are in sacred communication with the Life Giver, the Creator, the Divine Feminine Grace, that all of us women were blessed in harboring during this lifetime.

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