Feather Medicine: The Peacock Feather Fan



This fan was my first constructed ceremonial and prayer fan. Though this particular fan is not for sale, the construction of a similar one with the same or a slightly different design is possible. Due to my relationship with these peacocks, and their caretaker, it is possible to acquire more feathers to create a mimic design with different elements and symbolic incorporations according to the vision of those seeking a similarly constructed fan. I do take detailed special orders for construction. If interested in a feather prayer piece, please contact me here on the blog.


All fans in which are created by my hands are seen as gifts of Spirit. This is due to the fact that ALL feathers used in my creations come from sustainable and conscious sources. Whenever possible, I create relationships with the living birds themselves before using their feathers, which the birds themselves are not harmed in the act of acquiring (they are shed feathers). Other situations involve a gifting of feathers from a friend who I know has deep respect for Nature, even in generating food sources from this Great Mother (i.e. Wild Turkey feathers that were hunted for sustenance, Found Feathers, or Deceased Birds found in Nature).


As with all fans, the construction and materials incorporated (in prayer) have specific symbolic and shamanic meanings, specific to the intention. Fans are intended for prayer and ceremonial use and when created with specific intention, can connect the holder to Spirit in a deep communication where feathers are the carrier of the messages.

This Fan is a Goddess Fan:

Invoking the strength behind the beauty, Calling the Inner Spirit of Mother Earth, the Teachings of the 4 Directions, (Clarity in Directionality) and connecting the Northern & Southern Spirits of the Hemispheres. Opens Sacred Sight and Calls in Visions through the 3rd Eye. Elements of Fertility, Grandmother Moon, Opening Intuition, Opening Communication with the Ancestors, Fortune in Healing, Generating Divine Feminine Energy. See details below.



Feathers (meaning, placement & symbolism):

The entire feather composition of this fan is from Peacock feathers.

I have heard that, traditionally, peacock feathers were not an accepted, or encouraged, feather choice by some Native North American peoples as fans. However, through my own work with the Bird People, the Feathered Brothers of the Sky, and my Native Teachers I have come to understand all feathers as having particular callings and resonances, why else would they offer themselves to us? For this fan, the feathers offered to me came from a caretaker of peacocks at a Hindu Temple, who offered them to me as they simply go to no use there. To know the birds themselves, having prayed with them on the Temple grounds, and to have this fan constructed by feathers from living birds whom I have personally spent time meditating and praying with, seeking wisdom of their deeper messages, is truly a special thing.

Fan Body- Wing Feathers

The first question of most people who see this fan, after admiring the beauty elements, ask “What feathers are those [pointing to the large, auburn wing feathers that comprise the body]”. To their surprise, and maybe yours, they themselves are the peacock wing feathers. As I have learned to see them, these auburn color wing feathers are the structural strength behind the beauty. Beyond those shimmering blue feathers most associated with the peacock are the structural elements that allow this great bird, loaded with adornment of symbolic beauty, to function in flight. Yes, peacocks fly. But because of their symbolic meaning in common culture, the bird itself is most commonly only associated with being “the Beauty Bird”. When one feels the wing feathers of a peacock, which some would say are “plain” (I personally find them to mirror the radiant tone of the red tailed hawk feathers) one feels the surprising yet incredible strength of their plums. Sturdy (and when waved in the air, extremely efficient at catching wind), these feathers to me represent the strength and functionality behind the beauty, that without, the beauty itself would not be possible.

peacock flying

This symbolism of invisible strength and function, holistically completes the peacock, creating the ability to fly on the winds currents. For me, when I wave this fan in the air, I feel my own inner strength rise to meet the external beauty of my goddess. When I pray with this fan, it is the wing feathers that have the strength and force to carry those prayers.

Functionally, the curvature and strength of these wing feathers, and the way in which I have placed them, create within this fan a “scooping” capability. This fan can scoop and push large amounts of air if thrusted in force, or seem weightless with its own movement if glided through the air. This combination, I have found, is highly supportive in all traditional functions of fans: to call energy in, to push energy out, to create current when “smudging”  or cleaning energy around the body, or to glide in the air as a diviners tool to gauge or observe natural energy currents within the space. I even use this fan in fire ceremonies to fan the fire.

Decorative “Eye” Feathers & Neck Feathers

As mentioned before, some traditions discourage the use of peacock feathers. I have even heard from online sources that it is because the most famous peacock feather, the “eye”, represents the “evil eye”. I do not feel this when I spend time with these feathers. For me, they can represent Sacred Sight of Sacred Vision within their obvious beauty adornment properties. The Eye Feathers are placed on this fan in this way to represent this aspect, and when I pray with this fan, I feel a large element of my communication is guided by Sacred Sight and Visions. They are placed in an arrangement of 3, a sacred number of Trinity, Transformation, and the 3 Sacred Avatars of Jesus Christ, Hermes & Buddha (among other sacred 3’s). I placed them in this way because the two smaller eyes at the base, represents the visionary process, the Eyes of the Goddess (aesthetically humored, I added the Neck Feathers as “eyelashes” of the Goddess ;). The larger, Middle Eye, represents the Third Eye of the Goddess, and thus is the largest, as the intention and prayer within this composition is to call in Sacred Sight and Sacred Visioning from the Higher/Ancestral Realms and Celestial/Earth Spirits.

Thus, the Eye Feathers represent the Sacred Sight of the Goddess, and aid to Sacred Visioning or to call in Visions during the ceremonial use of this fan.

the eye


Types of Stones Used:

Moon Stone: (Purchased in the Peruvian Andes, From NA) 


moon stone

Turquoise: (Found in Kingston, NM, in the lands of my teachers)



Chrysocolla (Purchased in the Peruvian Andes, from Chile)



The stones chosen and the placement of the stones on this fan were of deep symbolism to my intention when creating this fan. Before exploring the energies of the stones themselves (links given above), I am inspired to share why they are placed as they are.

In the creation of this fan, it was very obviously, to me, going to be a Goddess Fan used for ceremonies and prayer to communicate with spiritual beings, universal forces, and ancestral wisdoms of the cosmos. Upon choosing the stones from my collection, I immediately admired how well the Chrysocolla colors complimented the Eye Feathers. From what I had been told, the Chrysocolla stone, at least in Peru, is also known as the “Goddess Stone”, which embodied the intention of the fan. For me, the stone had always held an Earth energy (and even looks like the Earth, when inspected closely) that I associate with Pachamama (The Mother Earth). Thus, placing it in the center, I was able to create a prayer that incorporated the omnipresent dynamics & teachings of the 4 Directions through the Moon Stones, which are placed symbolically in North, South, East, & West Directions.

In Sacred Geography, the 4 Directions serve as a guide to our position in Life, with each of the Directions representing different teachings, messages, times, and beings (among a multitude of other traditional connections). We can then observe ourselves as the center. Because this is a Goddess invoking fan, with the stone of Pachamama in the center, when using this fan, my directionality is as such. I feel the Goddess at the center of my 4 Directions and Sacred Geography, and She arises inside of me in those moments of prayer, sending me teachings and messages according to each Direction.

The turquoise I chose as stones from a very sacred space for me, a space where I learned to communicate with Nature, the Plant beings, and took my first steps on this Path of Healing. During the creation of this fan, I was visiting those sacred motherlands of mine and came across a pile of stones in the foothills. Amongst them were many turquoise stones, which I added between the 4 Directions (some say there are 8 directions, this being a component of the symbolism). My teacher observed my placement of them and announced “Look, the Turquoise Stars are surrounding the Mother Earth”. So, within the placement of these stones lies the symbolism of the Mother Earth inside of my being, the 4 Directions and all of their teachings, and the Turquoise Stars, encompassing the entire Universe within my prayer field.

Elements of the Base

The base of the fan is comprised of a cut-off wooden spoon, my Great Grandmother Vera’s wooden spoon. I incorporated this piece in as a symbol of my gratitude to the Ancestors of My Maternal Line. Those Grandmothers who came before me and walked this path of Light and Love in seeking wisdom and connectivity with the Great Mystery and the Goddess as She is inside of all of us. As my hand holds this fan, so I hold an object that my Great Grandmother Vera did, and in that connection I feel the power of all of the women of my line, of bloodline, soul line, and spirit line, all of the Ancestors of this Earth. I feel connected to the wisdom and magic that those lines hold, and feel it easily come through me while holding the base in this consciousness.

The leather grip of the fan is comprised of llama hide from Peru. A brilliant burgundy color, llama hide is a unique hide to work with. I acquired the hide while in Peru and see it as a fitting connection with my prayer, the intention of the fan, and the teachings and transmissions I received while in Peru, South America.

15 thoughts on “Feather Medicine: The Peacock Feather Fan

    1. So much gratitude, sister! I myself have only been working with Peacock Medicine for a few months now, though I see the power and beauty radiating in my life and work 🙂 If you have checked the article “The Yoni Bird: A Children’s Story”, the artistry unfolding for this early female initiation work seems to be centered around the magic and beauty of the Peacock! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  1. I would be interested in learning more about obtaining a peacock fan. I’ve been exploring peacock energy for the last month, and this really calls to me.


    1. Beautiful, sister! If it suits you to skype about your intentions for a fan, I would love to hear your inspiration for feather work 🙂 Personalizing feather combinations, stones, and animal incorporations, unique to each person, is what makes fan and feather creations so special to me. We all have unique energies that complement Natures expressions of Life and I would be honored to intuitively see what is present within your unique being ❤ I am vacationing currently, but will be back by the 1st of November if you would like to make a skype date with me 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hello Moonachancino!

      I have returned from my trip, and I will be visiting my peacock guides soon at their home, in Taos. On this trip, I will be able to acquire more feathers for fans. I cannot wait, because since I was last there, more babies have been born! If you were still interested in discussing the creation of a fan for your unique medicine path, I would love to begin that process! I prefer to get to know the intentions, unique medicine paths, and personal energy alignments that you are inspiring for such work, before I get started and come to an understanding of how complex or extensive the process will be ❤

      There have been other women who have expressed interest, and I would like begin speaking with everyone individually about their intentions, interests, and personal energy incorporations. Let us begin by skyping of FB video chat! E-mail me at jhsimm13@gmail.com if you wish to set up a time and date! Because you were the first to express interest, I would like to talk with you first, but I am also awaiting the responses from the other sisters as well 🙂 Hope to speak with you soon, dear love!

      Love, Blessings & Prayer Feathers!



    1. Thank you, sister! Peacock magic has definitely opened new rwalms for me! This fan has accompanied me to every ceremony, sweat lodge, and fire ceremony since its creation. I feel the evolving depth in relationship between myself and this totem creature growing stronger with each interaction! The bird people are such amazing teachers 🙂


      1. Yes they really are…I love birds. ❤ I look forward to holding one of your beautiful fans in my own hands one day soon. I know it will be magic!


      2. Hello, sister!

        I am back in town and about to embark on another trip to the Temple in Taos, to see my beautiful Peacock guides! I would love to skype with you soon about what it is that you are looking for, so that I can meditate a way for manifestation to happen 🙂 Please e-mail me at jhsimm13@gmail.com, so we can begin envisioning together ❤ Love, Blessings & Prayer Feathers!



  2. Hi Jessica,
    I have been loving your writing for the context as well as your use of language to create story, sensing this is one of your medicines:) I am in the midst of doing work with women that aligns with your work..I maybe think we are in Jessica Drummonds program together? Your facebook looks familiar…in any case, it seems we both want to support the wellness and inspire the wisdom for the Divine a Feminine. Your story’s from your files of travel are splendid!! Thank you for sharing.
    I write to your as well to get some more information on your feather pieces. Feeling called to them for several reasons for my own practice as well as a gift.
    I didn’t see your email on your blog so thought I would send it here…
    Also, I belive we both know Koral! Koral and I did our work together in Immersion, life coaching and such, I saw her connect about your bleeding ceremony piece, and I had come across your post !
    Anyway…would love to touch base.


    1. Hi Erin!

      How beautiful that the matrix of our universe connects us! Yes, I actually live with Koral in Singing Springs. We are envisioning and beginning the creation of beautiful work together as sisters here! As far as Jessica Drummonds program is concerned, I actually don’t recall her, though I would love and appreciate the connection!

      Thank you so much for your gracious feedback about this work that I’ve been channeling! It has been a long time brewing, and the Creative Forces of this universe just decided to grant me the space and time to push out all of the messages that have been coming for years now 🙂 I welcome the opportunity to connect deeper with you about your own work, as I am inspired by co-creation with other women during this time of Feminine Evolution in our Cosmos ❤

      Feather Work is one of my deepest passions, and though Feathers & Winged Ones come to me in various, and not-so-predictable forms, I do have some very special birds available right now, some waiting for their perfect person, intention, & design. I would love to share with you the birds that are here with me now, and explore deeper your own callings. It may be that one of these birds, or some live birds that I commune with, have been waiting for you ❤

      My email is jhsimm13@gmail.com. I would love to connect deeper with you, as I feel from your words, language, and heart-felt openness, that we have interwoven paths ❤

      Love, Blessings, & Prayer Feathers to you Sister Erin!



  3. The sacred consciousness that you imbue in your medicine fans is deeply magical. I, too, have peacock medicine and would love to further inquire as to how I might acquire a fan made by your hands and heart for sacred events. You are doing beautiful work in the world, goddess sister. Blessings. ❤


    1. Dearest Alecia,

      How lovely that you also have Peacock medicine in your Spirit! They are so special, and I would love to learn how you, yourself have learned to work with their medicine! It is such a rare bird to have for medicine, most traditional cultures do not use them in the Native American way of fans, wings, and ceremonies. So, the hawk, eagle, flicker, and other birds are typically more well known, as far as the specifics of their medicine. With the peacock, it is a bit of a mystery. Yet, I feel so connected to their unique embodiment of Spirit, and would love to hear what you have learned from them! My e-mail is jhsimm13@gmail.com. Please e-mail me if you feel inspired to share the mystery of your magic!

      I would be honored to begin a dialogue with you about the construction of a fan for your unique intention and energy 🙂 Feather Work is one of my deepest passions, and my heart feels at it’s highest purpose when attuning Human energy, and all of it’s uniqueness of Life, to Feather, Stone, Wood, Bone, Animal, and Shell energy! Please, if you feel inspired to pursue a piece, I would love to speak with you via Skype or FB video ❤

      Your words of appreciation and reflection of my work is touching in the most Divine Sense, Goddess Sister! I feel that when I am seen by my sisters, in such an honorable way, that my work is truly in it's essence as defined and guided by Spirit. To be seen, and to feel genuine Feminine Beauty, in the eyes of the sister seeing me, is a fuel for inspiration and creation in my life. A thousand "thank-you's", dear Alecia!

      I look forward to connecting deeper with you, dear one! Please feel free to e-mail me anytime!

      Love, Blessings, & Prayer Feathers!



  4. This Fan is beautiful. I am looking for a fan suitable for strong use fanning ceremonial fires. I love the respect you gives the animals. If it is possible to construct such a fan, perhaps using condor or other reinforced feather, please advise as to pricing etc. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Greetings! Thank you for your compliments to the feathers! Unfortunately, at this time, I am not constructing any feather fans. Condor feathers are especially beautiful, and were some of my first feathers while in Peru 🙂 I wish you well on your journey in finding your Ceremonial Fire Fan!


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